Spectra USB Sensors


スライド03-01.jpgThe light probes/Sensors cannot be used separately.Please purchase both items.








Spectra USB Sensors

Spectra USB Sensors test a wide range of LED intensities and any color in the visual spectrum, plus white. They provide a digital USB output for direct connection to a PC USB port.

スペクトラUSBセンサー02.jpg Color  and White Response

-Test any color wavelength,from 400-700nm & white
-Provides serial-digital output of LED color
-"w" =color wavelength in tenths of nanometers
-Or,for white,"w"=a value that corresponds to CCT
-Display/print-out the linear response with Tera Team or Labview software (included with purchase)
-Color output is independent of LED intensity
-Unique streaming technology enables LED color wavelength (and intensity) to be rapidly and simultaneously accessed by a PC and displayed/printed-out
-Reduces test time and provides continuous automatic data logging for statistical process control (SPC).
-Multiport display is available


Intensity Response

-Provides serial digital output for LED intensity
-"i"=intensity,from 0 to 65,000
-Output corresponds to LED luminous intensity in millicandelas,as seen in most LED manufacturers' specifications
-C.I.E. photopic -curve-corrected
-Tests LEDs from 0.03mcd to 18,300mcd;up to 293,000mcd with the Spectra USB Very-Low Sensitivity Sensor
-Read-out of 4 indicates under-ranging-LED is too dim
-Read-out>over 65,000 indicates over-rangingLED too bright;Spectra USB Low-Sensitivity Sensors available
-Intensity response depends on size of LED ,the aperture of the fiber-optic probe and the distance between the probe tip and the LED emitter;for more information on Sensor Sensitivity Responses in millicandelas
-Available in Low and Very-Low Sensitivity models for the test of extremely bright LEDs


Sensor Characteristics

Sensor size: 0.560 inches diameter x 1.38 inches long (USB connector extends 0.06 inches at back of sensor)
Operating temperature range: 0℃ to 70℃
one of the smallest LED sensors on the market. will test LEDs spaced as close as 0.050 inches on centers.
Typical response time :<250mS for color and intensity as a serial bit-stream (19200 baud rate)


Reduces Overall Testing Time

Spectra USB Sensors’ unique streaming technology enables LED color wavelength and intensity to be rapidly accessed by a PC and displayed/printed-out, which reduces test time and provides
continuous automatic data logging for statistical process control (SPC).



Penta Sensor.jpg


Spectra USB Sensor

A standard mini-type B five-pin USB connector is integrated, and a standard USB Cable is provided to connect the sensor to a PC. Compatible with Windows operating systems from Windows XP through Windows 7, using Windows
HyperTerminal (which is included in Windows XP, 2000 and Vista) or TeraTerm software, which is included.


Fiber-optic Probes

Fiber-Optic Probes range from 0.050 to 0.134 inches in diameter and from 0.325 to 2.340 inches in length. When using a 4-port hub, up to 4 LEDs can be tested simultaneously. Choose specific fiber-optic probes for refined intensity testing, for dim LED’s, or to compensate for misalignment errors, and more. Custom probe lengths may be ordered.


Installing the Sensor and Fiber-Optic Probe Units

Installation is achieved with one-hole fixing, using a simple clamp for the sensor and forked clamps for the probes to allow the height of the probes above the LEDs to be adjusted.



Part numbers: ULP Spectra USB: Spectra USB Sensor - includes USB Cable,
TeraTerm Software and Driver Software (note Windows HyperTerminal Software included with Windows).
Also available: ULP Spectra USB LS: Spectra USB Low Sensitivity Sensor
                    ULP Spectra USB VLS: Spectra USB Very Low Sensitivity Sensor

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