Test Socket with Probes

There has been an increase in fine-pitch and high-functional semiconductor and other electronic devices.

Test sockets need to adapt to these changes.

We recommend test probes with various charactersitics, and we can also provide you custom type test sockets with these various kinds of probes, with short lead time and low prices.

We can also design and produce PCBs related to test sockets. 



We use test probes with high performance, durability and reliability.

Our probes are maintenance-free. They can be replaced using simple procedures.

We always have a stock of probes for repair. We can provide them with short lead time and low prices.

Purpose of Use

IC package test

Engineering tests such as BGA/LGA/CSP/QFP/QFN/SSOP

Camera module test

IC electronic components package test

Socket structure

3 layer type test socket (floating plate type)

2 layer type test socket


Open top style

Clam shell style

Manual one-touch style


Fine pitch test socket


Multichannel test socket

・For testing several IC packages at once (1ch~100ch )

High frequency test socket

・Frequency: DC to 20GHz

Nonmagnetic test socket

Magnetic permeability <1.01μ

High current test socket

Rated current of a single pin:7A

High temperature test socket

Operating temperature limits:-55~260℃

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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