Outer Spring Kelvin Probes

Four‐terminal (Kelvin) measurement is the most accurate and precise method of measuring very low resistance value.

Kelvin probes can be used in small spaces, because both current and voltage can be measured with a single probe instead of two, so you will need a total number of two probes only, instead of four. 


kat_aufbauprinzip kelvin_koaxial stifte_f810_d.jpg


Kelvin Probe Specification Chart

  Center Pitch

Permissible Current of Shielding Plunger 

KLOSP-21 2.20mm
3.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-39 4.50mm 5.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-32  4.98mm 5.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-34 4.98mm 5.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-35 4.98mm 5.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-36 4.98mm 5.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-37 4.98mm 5.0A -20~+80℃


5.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-38 5.00mm 5.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-31  6.00mm 10.0A  -20~+80℃
6.00mm 10.0A -20~+80℃
KLOSP-62 8.10mm 20.0A -20~+80℃






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