Product Introduction - Light Probes and Sensors(Optomistic Products)




Solutions for Every Test
スライド02-01.jpgComponent, circuit-board, or functional product test
・Analog voltage output, digital voltage output, or serial digital output
・Choice of ATE or USB interface





Unique 2-part solution

スライド03-01.jpgSensor is programmed for the type of test & selected for output requirement・Interchangeable fiber-optic probes further customize the test for mechanical requirements and constraints

The light probes/Sensors cannot be used separately.Please purchase both items.



Programmable Sensors

スライド04-01.jpgColor & intensity test, color only, or ON/OFF
・Every color, IR, UV, white, extremely bright or dim, blinking & steady state LEDs







Fiber-Optic Probes Customize the Test

スライド05-01.jpgHigh-grade optical finish
・Contacting tips for refined intensity measurement
・Wide-aperture probes for misaligned or dim LEDs
・Test 3 LEDs with a single sensor
・And more








Fast and Simple Results

スライド06-01.jpgVoltage output eliminates the need to convert wavelength  - improves response time
・Color binning option saves valuable processing time
・USB interface also available with fast serial-digital output










Small and Cost Effective

スライド07-01.jpgSmall sensor size: less than ½(12.7mm) inch diameter – compatible with today’s high-density fixtures
・Precise fiber-optic probes can test LEDs 0.050”(1.27mm) on center
・Trident fiber-optic probes test up to 3 LEDs for cost of single sensor






Patented Reliability 

“Goof proof” voltage protection
・Operates up to +40 volts for avionic, automotive, and consumer electronics industries
・Withstands reverse polarity to -18 volts









Probe Introduction

Sensor Introduction



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