Universal LightProbe™ Connector Cable(Optomistic Products)



Universal LightProbe™ Connector Cable

For sensor wiring to ATE interface.



Fool-proof Sensor Wiring
– Color-coded and labeled wires, corresponding to sensor pin labelling, with separate sheathing of individual sensor wires for easy identification at the ATE interface.

– Provides a quick-change of sensors, saving time over either wire-wrap or soldered connections.

Reduces Overall Fixture Assembly Cost 
– Eliminates costly wiring errors and de-bug time.
– Provides automatic dressing of specific sensor wires.
– Eliminates disorganized “bird’s nest” wiring.

Protects Sensor from Heat Damage
– Eliminates the possibility of sensor damage caused by excessive heat when soldering connections.

Long, Durable, Flexible and Tested
– Long-length (48 inches/1220mm) allows for trimming to suit most fixtures
– 26 AWG stranded conductors for flexibility and durability
– End-to-end continuity tested and pull tested


Order Information
Part No: ULP-CC Universal LightProbe Connector Cable

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