Super-flexi,Wide Aperture Probes


スライド03-01.jpgThe light probes/Sensors cannot be used separately.Please purchase both items.







Non-contacting Stainless-steel Tips - Super Flexi Probes - Wide-Aperture

Wide-aperture, super-flexible probes with non-contacting stainless-steel tips are ideal for the test of dim or misaligned LEDs, as they allow approximately 4x the amount of light input as small-aperture probes. The super-flexible cable can withstand a bend radius of up to 1/4 inch/6mm.


スーパーフレキ 大口径プローブ01.jpg

スーパーフレキ 大口径プローブ02.jpg


Super Flexi Probe - Wide Aperture
- Single probe per sensor, 9.84in./250mm long cable
- Probe tip: 0.109in./2.77mm diameter stainless-steel tip, for LEDs spaced not less than 0.109in./2.77mm
- Probe tip lengths: Long-length (LL: 1.375in./34.9mm), short-length (SL: 0.325in./28.5mm)
- PART NUMBERS: 250SF-27-LL-WA or 250SF-27-SL-WA


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