Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TESPRO CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company") believes that it is our crucial social responsibility to treat your personal information in an appropriate manner. We will comply with the following provisions.

Purposes of Utilization of Personal Information

Our Company shall use your personal information within the scope of the following purposes:

  1. customer service, maintenance and other services regarding purchased products;
  2. delivery of our product and service information, such as catalogs and other material;
  3. product and service improvement, and development of new products and services;
  4. recruitment; and
  5. Other services to meet the needs of our customers.

Provision to Third Parties

Our Company shall not provide your personal information to third parties, with the exception of the following cases:

  1. in cases where you consented to disclose your information to third parties;
  2. in cases where Our Company entrusts utilization of personal information, within the scope of the purposes stated above, to third parties with whom we enter into a non-disclosure agreement;
  3. in cases where we extract your information as statistical data without disclosing your personal identify;
  4. in cases where Our Company is obligated to disclose the information according to laws and regulations.

Privacy Control Measures

Our Company shall take reasonable and systematic measures to keep your information physically and technologically safe, under the control of prudent managers. Our Company shall also comply with relevant laws and regulations to avoid unauthorized access to personal data, loss, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

Inquiry, Correction and Deleting of Personal Information

For inquiry, correction and deleting of your personal information, please contact us from the telephone number below.

Privacy Control in Website Links

We manage privacy control in Our Company website only; we cannot guarantee privacy control in other websites linked to this website.


We may change the content of personal information which we collect, change the purpose of utilization of the information, or change the content of our Privacy Policy. We will announce these changes by amending the provisions above.