Fine Pitch Probes

Probes with a minimum diameter of φ0.16 mm ~ (minimum pitch of 0.3 mm ~). Receptacles with wire are also available.

Normal Probes

General size probes with a pitch of 1.27 mm to 4.75 mm. Each probe offers an extensive selection of tip styles.

ICT Probes

Probes designed for PCBA testing, mainly 39/50/75/100mil with many different tip styles and spring forces.

Short Probes

Probes with a short overall length. Suitable for applications with height restrictions.

Turn Probes

Probes with a rotating plunger. Suitable for penetrating flux, oxide film, etc.

Probes With Endless Plunger

Probes with an integrated plunger from the tip through the bottom. Resistance is low.

High Current Probes

Probes designed for high current applications, up to 600A.

Heat Resistant Probes

Probes for temperature range from -100°C to +300°C. One-end movable design and two-end movable design are available.

Nonmagnetic Probes

Probes of completely nonmagnetic feature with permeability μ<1.01. One-end movable design and two-end movable design are available.

High Frequency Probes

Have an external noise shielding function, a high-frequency band can be measured.

Kelvin Probes

Coaxial probes for four-terminal measurement for precise resistance measurement, up to 600A.

Semiconductor Probes

Small-diameter probes used for IC sockets, such as wire probes and double-ended movable probes.

Spring Connector Pins & Spring Pin Connectors

Probes used as electrical and charging connections for end products. Individual probes and multiple probes with housing are available.

Wire Harness Test Probes

Probes specialized for wire harness connector test, such as switch probes.

Special Purpose Probes

Interface pins (receiving side of probes) and probes with conductive rubber tips.