KLOSP-21 (Center Pitch:2.20 mm)

KLOSP-21 (Center Pitch:2.20 mm)

  • Maximum stroke: 2.0mm / 5.0mm
  • Stroke used: 2.0mm / 3.0mm
  • Spring pressure during stroke: 117gf + 120.2gf
  • Initial spring pressure: 60gf + 82.2gf

Probe (mm)

KLOSP-21 (Center Pitch:2.20 mm)

Standard specifications

  Center pin Maximum stroke 2.0mm
Spring pressure at maximum stroke 117gf
Initial spring pressure 60gf
Shielding plunger Maximum stroke 5.0mm
Stroke used 3.0mm
Spring pressure at maximum stroke 144.9gf
Spring pressure during use stroke 120.2gf
Initial spring pressure 82.2gf


Center pin Shielding plunger
Plunger BeCu, Ni base Au plating
sleeve Brass, Ni base Au plating
spring SWP / SUS

Electrical characteristics

Shielding plunger
Rated current 3.0A

Applicable temperature

Standard specifications -20 to + 80 ℃

How to order

Order code [KLOSP-21]


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.