KLOSPH-25-FE-FE (Center Pitch:34.0mm)

KLOSPH-25-FE-FE (Center Pitch:34.0mm)

  • High current
  • Rated current :600A
  • Full Travel : 3.0mm / 6.0mm
  • Recommended Travel : 3.0mm / 4.6mm
  • Spring Force @ Recommended Travel : 470gf + 5,650gf
  • Current measurement pin : Outer spring type

Test Probe(mm)

KLOSPH-25-FE-FE (Center Pitch:34.0mm)

Mechanical Specification

Voltage measurement pin Maximum stroke 3.0mm
Spring pressure at maximum stroke 470gf
Current measurement pin Maximum stroke 6.0mm
Recommended Stroke 4.6mm
Spring pressure during recommended stroke 5650gf

Materials and Plating

Voltage measurement pin Current measurement pin
Plunger Copper Alloy,

HDA Alloy plated


HDA Alloy plated

sleeve Brass, insulation coating
spring Stainless Steel, insulation coating
nut Brass
stopper Phosphorus bronze, Gold plated
insulator PEEK

Electrical Specification

Current measurement pin
Rated Current 600A


Standard Specifications -40 ~ +180℃

Temperature Graph

Test Point : Plunger Tip

How to assemble

How to Set Up

How to Wire


Order Code【KLOSPH-25-FE-FE】


When shipping, it will be shipped in the state of parts.
Plunger/barrel/spring/large nut/small nut x2
assembly/mounting method, wiring method, please see the detailed “How to assemble”.



* Specifications are subject to change without notice.