Spring force gauge: FK50

Spring force gauge: FK50

Spring force gauge


The spring force gauge can measure the load of all types of spring contact probes up to 50N. If there is no problem on the probe side, you can check and determine the spring load very easily with this machine. The measurement results are displayed on the unit, and the display can be electrically rotated 180 ° if desired (for example, for measuring overhead applications).

Simply place the sleeve you want to measure on the probe and push it into the mounting plate to measure.

The depth of the sleeve can be adjusted by the projection height of the probe.

Adjustable measuring sleeves are available in 3 different diameters.

Technical specifications:

– Minimum load: 3g / 0.10oz / 0.03N

–Resolution: 1g / 0.03oz / 0.01N

–Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5% in an environment of 25 ° C

–Data output: Via RS232

–Power supply: 1.5V AA (UM-3 battery) x 6

What is included in the product:

–Spring force gauge with receptacle for sleeve measurement

–φ5.0mm measuring sleeve

– Operating manual

–Measurement certificate

– carrying case

Product Order code
Pulling force gauge FK50 FK50
Measuring sleeve Φ3.0mm MS30
Measuring sleeve Φ4.0mm MS40
Measuring sleeve Φ5.0mm MS50
Data cable RS232 2111810


Adjustable measuring sleeve dimensions
Outer Diameter-ΦB Inner diameter-ΦA  Height adjustable range
MS30 4mm 3mm 0-40.5mm
MS40 5mm 4mm 0-40.5mm
MS50 6mm 5mm 0-40.5mm

Example of height adjustment with a measuring sleeve

img Probe ejection height Example) For F732: = 10.50 mm

Recommended stroke: = 4.00mm

Injection Height-Recommended Stroke: = 10.50-4.00 mm

Height required for mounting: = 6.50 mm

Precision measuring sleeve with fixed stopper

Precision measuring sleeves are available in a variety of diameters for repeated measurements of probes with a fixed projection height.

Measuring sleeve Order code Probe type Inner diameter ΦA Outer diameter ΦB Probe injection height Recommended stroke
Measuring sleeve F732 MS230E065 F732 2.30mm 2.70mm 10.50mm 4.00mm
Measuring sleeve F733 MS360E065 F733 3.60mm 4.00mm 10.50mm 4.00mm
Measuring sleeve VF3 MS270E355 VF3 2.70mm 3.20mm 40.50mm 5.00mm
Measuring sleeve VF4 MS370E355 VF4 3.70mm 4.20mm 40.50mm 5.00mm
Measuring sleeve VF5 MS460E315 VF5 4.60mm 5.00mm 36.50mm 4.80mm