Test Socket with Probes

Test Socket with Probes

  • Use double-ended probes as the contact between a device and a board. High flexibility to meet high current, nonmagnetic and heat resistant requirements.
  • There has been an increase in fine-pitch and high-functional semiconductor and other electronic devices. Test sockets need to adapt to these changes.
  • We provide test sockets with custom specs in a short delivery time and at a low price.
  • We also design and manufacture PCBs related to test sockets.


・Probes with high performance, durability and reliability.

・Easy maintenance – simple probe exchanges.

・Repair probes are in standard stock – quick delivery and low price.


・IC packages

・Engineering test for BGA / LGA / CSP / QFP / QFN / SSOP, etc.

・Inspection of camera modules

・Inspection of electronic component packages

Socket Structure

・3-layer test sockets (with floating plate)

・2-layer test sockets


・Open top method

・Clamshell method

・Manual one-touch method


Fine pitch test socket

・ Corresponding pitch: 0.15mm ~ 1.27mm

Multi-channel test socket

・ For testing several IC packages at once (1ch~100ch )

High frequency (RF) test socket

・ Frequency range: DC to 20GHz

Nonmagnetic test socket

・Magnetic permeability <1.01μ

High current test socket

・ Rated current of a single pin : 7A

High temperature test socket

・Operating temperature: -55~260℃


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


For Front/Back analysis

For Front/Back analysis

For FPC camera module
with clamshell lid

For LED inspection
with light probe insertion slot