Universal Optical Inspection Probe (Light Probe) S2 Ultra Sensor

Universal Optical Inspection Probe (Light Probe) S2 Ultra Sensor

Light probes and sensors must be purchased as a set. (It cannot be used alone.) )





・LED ON/OFF test only.

・Inspection is possible even with flashing light.

・Not limited to only the five main colors, all light can be inspected.

・Quick inspection with digital output.

Light intensity

The S2 Ultra Sensor is not a sensor that outputs light intensity values.

・A wide range of light intensities can be tested without adjustment

・Can be used for surface mount LEDs of 0.01 mcd ~

・Compatible with LED displays (RJ45 T-1, etc.) of finished products. Example: 3mm/0.15mcd~ LED.

ON / OFF test

Inspect all light, regardless of hue. If the LED is ON, it outputs as “5” volts; when it is OFF, it outputs “0” volts.

The output value does not depend on the light intensity of the LED.


Electrical Specification

Operating Temperature 0℃~70℃
Applied voltage +5~28V DC *4.75V or less is not recommended.
Current applied MAX 6mA
Voltage protection Overvoltage 40V, reverse characteristic voltage -18V
Response Time <100mS



G-Ground analog output and power input, common

S-Status of LED ON:5V、OFF:0V

P-DC Power Input DC voltage input, 5V~28V (*4.75V or less is not recommended)


Supply voltage protection

The Universal Light Inspection Probe (Light Probe) S2 sensor can operate at voltages from 5V to 40V and can also handle reverse voltages up to -18V. In addition to protecting against accidents caused by power supply misconnection, against reverse polarity voltages up to 18 V due to transient inrush voltage when switching DC voltage power supplies, and against inadvertent testing machine polarity errors, it is also possible to support different DC supply voltages of 5~28 V commonly used in general fields (*4.75V or less is not recommended).

Part number

ULP-S2UHS: Universal Light Inspection Probe (Light Probe) S2 Ultra Sensor