Probe with position sensor function

Probe with position sensor function

With a position sensor system, not only can you inspect continuity, but you can also accurately measure the position of drill holes, pin length, part height, etc.
The principle of potentiometric measurement enables quantitative detection and control of test values.
The reference measurement ensures that there are no errors due to tolerance of modules and fixtures. Other applications include testing injection-molded parts and detecting bends in printed circuit boards.

Since the sensor voltage varies in proportion to the amount of stroke of the probe, the change in resistance allows position measurement.

How to use:

Probes with position sensor function consist of probes, sockets and sensors.

Connect these three and mount them on the jig.

Connect the sensor to the rear end of the socket.

The blue cable is connected to the probe tip (plunger) and is capable of not only position inspection but also normal continuity inspection.


List of probes with position sensor function

Center Pitch Permissible current Compatible temperature
PS732 Series 2.54mm/100mil 1.0A -20~+80℃
PS756 Series

*Made-to-order products

 2.54mm/100mil 1.0A -20~+80℃