NMDW-026H/R-01 Nonmagnetic / Heat Resistant

NMDW-026H/R-01 Nonmagnetic / Heat Resistant

  • Nonmagnetic, Heat resistant
  • Full Travel: 0.75mm
  • Recommended Travel: 0.50mm
  • Spring Force @ Recommended Travel: 13gf
  • Working Temperature: -100~+300℃


Order code: NMDW-026H/R-01

Mechanical Specification

Full Travel 0.75mm
Recommended Travel 0.50mm
Spring Force @ Recommended Travel 13gf

Material and Plating

Plunger BeCu, Gold plated
Barrel Phosphor Bronze, Gold plated
Spring Alloy

Electrical Specification

Current Rating 1A


Standard Specifications -100 ~ +300℃



* Specifications are subject to change without notice.