Semiconductor Probes

Small-diameter probes used for IC sockets, such as wire probes and double-ended movable probes.

Wire Probes

Wire probes of φ0.02 to φ0.11 used for test of extremely small pitch such as wafer inspection.

Semiconductor Probes Moving both ends / Moving one end

One-end or Two-end movable probes with a barrel diameter down to Φ0.11 (pitch 0.15 mm). Mainly used in IC test sockets for semiconductor device test.

Kelvin Semiconductor Probes

Four-terminal probes with a barrel diameter of Φ0.18 to 0.20 for semiconductor device test mainly used for IC sockets. Used as a set of two.

Super Pin Series

Spring probes with a spring barrel structure of a diameter of φ0.203 to φ0.508 used for IC sockets and so on.

-Ultra long life. The outer diameter 0.40 mm and 0.50 mm probes have been used more than 3 million times.

-A stable low resistance value is realized by a unique structure (batent).

-Can be used for burn-in tests.

・ By suppressing signal crosstalk and probe impedance and resistance, You can reduce the noise applied to the fixture and obtain highly accurate measured values.

・ Abundant dimensional lineup (outer diameter 0.20 mm for fine pitch, total length 2.5 mm for high frequency).

-Compatible with high spring pressure (example: probe with outer diameter 0.20 mm, total length 3.3 mm, 40 gf @ 0.125 mm stroke).