Horseshoe MINO PIN test socket

Horseshoe MINO PIN test socket

  • Use Mino Pins as the contact between a device and a board. Scratch movement ensures reliable contact and excellent RF characteristics.
  • Applicable device: RF / Analog / Power
  • Applicable packages: QFN, DFN, QFP, SOP
  • Self-cleaning function with rolling contact design


― Applicable device : RF / Analog / Power

― Applicable packages : QFN, DFN, QFP, SOP

― Rolling contact design allows self-cleaning and ;

・ Stable contact resistance

・ Low initial failure rate

・ Excellent electrical characteristics

・ Long life MTBA (Mean Time between Assists)

・ Easy maintenance

・ Minimization of test cost

Pin types

― Matt tin plating type : high contact force and self cleaning fuction

― Nickel and palladium gold plated type: low contact force (for preventing abrasion)

― Temperature: -40 ~ +200 ℃

Prevents pad abrasion


Contact mark 0.008 mm (after 1,000,000 times of use)

 Damage to PCB pads is minimized by the rolling movement of pins when contacting the pads.

“SET” : with no contact force

“TEST” : with contact force

Specifications of MINO pin

MINO220  MINO250  MINO110
Element type img img img
Contact Length 2.53mm 1.73mm 1.30mm
Insertion loss -1dB@22GHz -1dB@28GHz -1dB@35GHz
Return loss
 -20dB@7.5GHz -20dB@11.5GHz -20dB@14GHz
Inductance 0.45nH 0.36nH 0.28nH
Capaciance 0.23pF 0.19pF 0.16pF
Resistance  <30mΩ <30mΩ <30mΩ
Environmental  -40℃~200℃ -40℃~200℃  -40℃~200℃
Contact Wipe 0.17mm 0.17mm 0.13mm
Travel 0.20mm 0.20mm 0.15mm
Contact Force 35g 35g 40g
Current 4A 3.5A 3A
Package Lead Pitch ≧0.35mm ≧0.35mm ≧0.35mm

Test socket structure

Grounding specification (1)

Holding module


Suitable for high performance QFN and QFP test sockets. Excellent yield rate.

Grounding specification (2)

Holding block


Suitable for test sockets for package size under 3mm. Smooth and stable contact.


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.